Our Top Ten Favorite Brewery Hoodies, Jackets, and Outerwear

Branded Brewery Hoodies Jackets Outerwear

Top Ten Favorite Brewery Hoodies, Beer Jackets, Brewery Sweatshirts

Hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, windbreakers, whathaveyou. It’s a vital part of everyone’s ensemble, even if you live in the warmest state. We all love feeling comfy in a warm hoodie or looking stylish in a slick track jacket. Logo’d hoodies are a huge part of fashion be it a skate brand, a music act, or your favorite brewery and one of our favorite items to purchase when we visit a new brewery is just that. Here we list a number of different outerwear items that feature awesome artwork or just strike us because they are unique in nature and not just your standard zip up style.

1. Brouwerij West - Unisex 'Reach Out' Windbreaker in Black

Straight out of SoCal, Brouwerij West knows fashion. Managed by a bunch of unshaven hipsters, these guys never settle for the usual. Their beer cans sport some of the most outrageous labels that you’ve ever seen so it’s no wonder that in place of a standard jacket or sweatshirt, they sell a sick AF windbreaker that would look just as cool behind the bottling line as it does while sitting on the sand, putting one back at the end of a long day as you watch the sun set over the Pacific.


brouerij west brewery branded windbreaker

2. Stone Brewing Company - Airborne Bomber Jacket

Leave it up to the most arrogant of beer companies to go all the way with a highly fashionable bomber jacket that sports their unique and exciting gargoyle logo. This is a jacket that you might see at your favorite department store or shop at the mall, but somehow it is in neither of those places - it’s on Stone’s website and presumably in their merch store at their San Diego brewery. 


Stone Brewing Bomber Jacket Brewery Branded

3. Toppling Goliath - Hoodie with Interior Hood Logo Print

We love this Toppling Goliath hoodie because of the extra detail that went into the interior. It isn’t often that you see a piece of merchandise with this sort of intricacy as it costs quite a bit to do that sort of custom work, or you at least have to make a huge order, so this is pretty sweet. The red accent with the black print just makes this simple hoodie pop a bit more and makes us want to wear it every day, rain, shine, or somewhere in between.


Toppling Goliath Brewery Branded Zip Up Hoodie

4. Goose Island - OG Logo Crewneck

It might be lame to vouch for Goose Island as they were one of the first breweries to “sell out” to the big boys - ya, they are owned by Anheuser Busch, but whatever, this crewneck sweatshirt is dope. The combo of the old school sweatshirt - the type you might have worn in gym class back in the 80s - along with the original Goose Island logo that reads more like the drawing made by a random guy down on the Chicago waterfront to sell to tourists than it does a logo, just makes it amazing. It has a retro feel through and through which makes it one of the best outerwear garments that we’ve come across, because retro is fashion and fashion is good.


Goose Island Brewery Branded Old School Crewneck Sweatshirt

5. Sierra Nevada - Custom Zip Hoodie

Given how traditional Sierra Nevada is - pale ale, porter, kellerweis, i mean, come on - it’s honestly surprising that they’ve gone this far out of the box for a hoodie. The bright green and orange stripes across the chest give a slick accent to the grey body and black arms and hood, adding a bit of flair and driving it towards a 90’s skater look and feel. Then they went nuts with the interior logo design which just sends this bad boy over the top. We also love the placement of the logo on the front pocket which is much more exciting and different than the standard chest logo or full back. It makes this feel more like fashion and less like a billboard.


Sierra Nevada Zip Up Hoodie Brewery Branded Retro

6. Lost Abbey Brewing - Duck Duck Gooze Hoodie

Quite honestly, we just love this drawing and we love Lost Abbey. The hoodie itself is pretty plain, just a stock black hoodie, cotton, soft, all the standard, but the screen print of the two ducks and the evil duck behind them just gets us every time. Sometimes a hoodie is about supporting a great brand and doing it with something a bit more interesting than just their standard logo. If you’re gonna do it, go with one of the best beers from one of the best breweries out there.


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gueuze Hoodie Black Brewery Branded

7. Founders - Cut-Off Athletic Hoodie

This is dumb. There is no fashion to it. It’s basically ugly. But for some dumb reason we like it. What is even the point of a hoodie without sleeves? That’s like a beer without the alcohol. Well, that does exist...but again, why? Just drink soda. Founders made a mockery of the world of fashion by creating this item that is clearly aimed at beer nerds who could care less what they look like. Between the red colored draw strings and the lack of sleeves, it’s pretty silly, but if you like this sort of thing, well, here you go.


Founders Sleeveless Hoodie Brewery Branded

8. Tired Hands Brewing - Doodle Hoodie

This is another hoodie that is actually quite simple in production, but the design is so punk rock that it had to be included. The use of a hand doodled drawing reminiscent of a 90’s music zine is so fun. And they did it in just simple white on black that just adds to the overall aesthetic. This hoodie could easily be mistaken as something from a Circle Jerks concert or just something that your highschool friend made with a white out marker. We love it. LOVE IT.


Tired Hands Hoodie Doodle Black Brewery

9. Cloud Water Brewing - AW19 Sherpa Hoodie

    This is dope because of the simplicity.  A super comfy grey hoodie marked with a simple embroidered logo on the heart. What isn’t to love? It’s always cool when you can sport one of your favorite brands, give them some support, and let any insiders know where you stand, without needing to scream it from the rooftops. This is the sort of hoodie that you can wear to work or out on the town and not look like you are just wearing a logoed piece of merchandise from some corner bar. 


    Cloudwater Simple Gray Brewery Branded Hoodie

    10. Mikkeller - Do Stuff Together Crew Neck Sweatshirt

      Mikkeller may as well be a designer. Their label art is on the nose with upmarket fashion and their slogans are completely today. Do Stuff Together is a motto that we should all live by and is certainly something that beer lovers enjoy. Drink together, eat food together, complain about hazy IPAs and pastry stouts together. MIkkeller knows what’s up and this retro yet fashion forward crewneck says it in one simple phrase. 


      Mikkeller Brewery Crewneck Hoodie

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