Our Top Ten Favorite Women's Brewery Beer Shirts

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Women's Beer Shirts and Brewery Shirts

It’s no secret that women are often left out when it comes to incredible beer merch, but that doesn’t mean that good merch doesn’t exist. It’s 2020 and ladies are finally getting the respect that they deserve as hop lovers and malt hounds. No longer must you rely on ill fitting men’s shirts with cuts that don’t work with your bodies. There are some fantastic options available for girls who want cool shirts of all styles.

1. J Wakefield Brewing - Women’s Thirst is Real Tank

jonathan wakefield brewing shirt womens

Jonathan Wakefield made a name for himself as a homebrewer and was working the the pros before he ever opened the doors for his coveted Florida brewery. It only makes sense that he is as creative with his merchandise as he is with his beers. Sporting a 90’s style tank top with neon script that says nothing about the brewery, but rather just a fun statement is a great way to rep your favorite brewery. You can wear this tank and not feel like a beer nerd, just like a fashionista. BUT, when a beer nerd sees you walking down the street in this popping tank, they will immediately know what’s up and likely give you a nod of approval.



2. Smog City Brewing - Drink Beer From Here

smog city womens shirt

Smog City has always been top notch when it comes to gender equality and their merchandise proves the point. They aren’t one of those breweries that has two dozen shirts for the boys and nothing for the girls. They have lots of options for the women who love beer and this is just one of our favorites. Craft beer has so much to do with locality. People love drinking something that was made down the street from them, so it’s important to rep that fact. Drink Beer From Here highlights Smog City’s location in Southern California, making you proud of where you are from or perhaps where you were visiting, on top of the fact that the beer is top notch.


3. Alesmith - Vintage V Neck

alesmith brewing shirt

Alesmith is one of the “old kids on the block” as they have been around for an entire decade or so at this point. Crazy, right? Originally known for things like barleywine or their Speedway Stout, these days Alesmith is a bigger player in the San Diego scene, brewing up a beer for Tony Gwynn, a hall of fame player from the Padres, so this vintage style V-neck makes sense with that new style that they are excited about. We love it for the simple look, small logo and fun sporty sleeves. 


4. Tired Hands Brewing Company - Rosé Shirt

tired hands brewing shirt womens

Tired Hands got sort of weird and creepy here with their Rosé shirt. It’s pink and it has a freaky looking cat on the front of it. What else is there to say? This is a fun shirt for a woman looking to show a bit of personality - particularly if that personality is cat lady and / or lover of pink and / or lover of rosé. It’s nice that the silly beer shirts can transcend gender. Girls deserve weird shirts too.



5. Funky Buddha Brewery - Living Barrel Festival Shirt

funky buddha brewing womens shirt

So this might be a shirt for a particular event, but the design is so amazing that it had to be featured here as one of our favorite women’s craft beer shirts. Using a tree and vines to build a stunning variation of the Funky Buddha logo makes this an iconic shirt for any beer lover or lover of pachamama. If you’re into buddhist teachings, yoga, mother earth, or just plain old beer, the design on this shirt is fashionable and on trend. Great with jeans or your yoga pants. 



6. Wicked Weed Brewery - Funkatorium Tank

wicked weed brewing womens shirt

Ya ya ya, we know that Wicked Weed is owned by the Budweiser evil overlords, but such is life. Doesn’t mean they can’t make cool shirts. There aren’t a lot of shirts that feature a foedre, probably because most people have no clue what a foedre is, nontheless how to spell it. Is it fooder? Foedre? Fouder? Who knows? Who Cares? They are fantastic and make some incredible beer, so lets just pretend that Wicked Weed is still a craft brewery and go crazy on this shirt.



7. Beachwood Brewing - Hopernicus

beachwood brewing womens shirt

Beachwood has been making some of the best beer to come out of a brewpub in ages and their label art is also pretty fun. We particularly like the light thin lines and otherworldly artwork from their Hopernicus which is featured on this shirt just for the ladies. Who says that the guys are the only ones who can wear nerdy galactic hop space shirts??



8. Stone Brewing Company - Girly True Independent 

stone brewing womens shirt

This shirt just screams Stone Brewing Company to us. It speaks like a rock and roll shirt from sunset strip in the 90’s. It’s like something the boys from Motley Crüe might wear because they stole it from their girlfriends. The typeface is sexy, the shoulders are beefy in the right way to make this feminine but not ridiculous, and the way it falls has us banging our heads at a Metallica show. This is a shirt for the beer lover who likes simple, black, and rock n roll.



9. Saint Archer - Women’s Case S/S

saint archer womens shirt

Dammit Saint Archer, you’ve done it again. It only makes sense that these guys have amazing merch as they were founded by a massive team of pro skaters and pro surfers and pro beer makers. Plus they are now actually owned by Coors, so they have some cash on hand. This is a shirt that we have seen nowhere else. It’s stylish and uses the brand in a super subtle way that makes it feel more like an actual surf/skate brand than a beer brand. The stripes feel a bit like something from a sailor, but the look ultimately just feels California sunshine. Love it.



10. Jester King - Women’s Wideneck Sweater

jester king womens shirt

OK, so this isn’t at all a tshirt, it’s a sweatshirt, but it’s specifically for women, so we wanted to include it here because we love it so much. It seems somewhat rare to actualyl find a sweatshirt that is on trend like this one with the wide neck that makes it look like something off the rack at Nordstrom rather than off the rack at the local tap room. That plus the fun designs that Jester King is known for on their labels makes this a real winner. Something that can be worn any time, not just with your nerd friends.


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