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Every brewery seems to make hats, but so many of them are just boring versions of their logo on a standard snap back trucker cap. Often times the biggest excitement is a new color meshed matched with a different colored front. We look for something different in a craft brewery hat. We think that hats should be just as exciting as the craft beer itself. That might mean bright colors or it might mean bold design. It might mean a unique concept that tells you a bit more about the brewery itself or perhaps hides an inside joke that only regulars would understand. Sometimes it shows off the culture of the brewery be that skate or surf or gothic or heavy metal. Whatever it is, this is a collection of some of our favorite hats, ball caps, trucker hats, and even beanies that some of our favorite craft breweries have created. 

1) Austin Beer Works - 3D Name, Grey/Green 6-panel hat

austin beer works hat

Austin Beer Works is one of the most creative breweries in the country. They were the originators of the 99 pack of beer, their walls are adorned with unicorns and their cans are decorated with the most random and exciting symbols around. This hat sort of tells us everything that we want to know about their brewery without saying it too loudly. It’s a classic hat, just like many of ABW’s beers (Schwartzbier or Pilsner are some of their best and most popular), but it speaks to their fun side by using bright, neon colors from the 80’s.

2) Third Window Brewing Company’s 5 Panel Hat

third window brewing company hat

Third Window Brewing Company is newer to the scene, but it’s clear from the get go that they care about design and style. They also care about beer, which is obviously important. Built on a concept of constant innovation and improvement, it’s likely that this hat won’t actually be around vey long as they will likely make some small changes and re-release it as a 2.0 version, but this one is dope AF, so get it while you can. We love the use of the 5th panel for emphasis on the logo, which they have mocked up in a new way, with concentric circles and hexagons surrounding the more simplistic logo within. The hat pays tribute to their Belgian and Californian heritage by combining old world charm with new school design.


3) Hudson Valley Brewery - Navy Solace 5 Panel Hat

hudson valley brewery hat

While the Third Window 5 panel hat plays like a new school California skater hat, the Hudson Valley variation is more like a hipster dad who works at the local coffee shop, or perhaps behind the bar at the local craft brewery, slinging Hazy IPAs and Pastry Stouts while twisting his mustache. We love this one because it takes the new fashion dad hat trend, but makes it a bit more fashion forward with the extra panel and the simple patch design. This is great for the hipster craft beer lover.

4) Equilibrium Brewery - Dad Hat

equilibrium brewing hat

This is like the ultimate dad hat. Not only does it have that soft, cotton old style texture that our dad’s loved to wear back in the 70’s and 80’s, but it features a stylized science beaker! This feels like craft beer, but it reminds us of something our high school science teacher would have worn on a field trip to the local natural history museum or what your math teacher would be wearing if you ran into him at the mall over the weekend. Such a fun beer themed hat without being beer forward.

5) Black Project Beer - Black Hat with Leather Patch

black project brewery hat

This is just a crisp, clean black hat. Two colors, simple lines, what’s not to like? Some breweries are lucky as they designed their logo with merchandise in mind and this seems to be one of those. The paper airplane doesn’t scream beer, but rather it just looks like a great streetwear brand. Using the leather patch adds a level of luxury to the otherwise basic ball cap.

6) Angry Chair Brewing - Don’t Park on Fern

angry chair brewing hat

This is the epitome of a local’s hat. To be honest, we don’t even know wtf it means, but have to assume that a lot of Angry Chair Brewing fans get their cars towed when they park around the corner on Fern Street. It must be one of those things that they repeat over and over again both in their tap room and in their email correspondences about events and whatnots. That’s essentially what we love about this beer hat. It’s for insiders and insiders only and what is more fun that that?

7) Lawsons Finest Liquids - Hops 5 Panel Hat

lawsons finest liquids hat

This is another dad hat, which is a popular style with the beer nerds these days. We love this particular one as the denim color is a real throwback and the hop design is elegant and fun. If you aren’t a beer nerd, you likely won’t even know what the logo is, so wearing it sort of puts you in a special club. On top of it all, this hat is definitely great for both men and women beer fans, which isn’t always the case.

8) Stone Brewing Co - Commander Curved Bill

stone brewing hat

Stone essentially has an entire department store worth of merchandise, so sometimes it’s hard to even choose one item that we enjoy the most. We did stumble upon this hat, however, which piqued our interest because it is so unique. It’s somewhere between military garb and something you might wear on Lake Havasu during spring break before it falls off while doing a beer bong on the edge of a pontoon. It is interesting as it doesn’t really look like Stone’s typical logo or branding in the least, but it is still arrogant and bold, which truly is Stone’s brand and what many craft beer geeks can be described as. If you’re the captain of beer, get this.

9) The Veil Brewing - Knit Beanie

veil brewing hat

We’ll jump to beanies here as some of us like to keep our heads both warm and stylish. When it comes to a beanie, we think that simple is beautiful and The Veil does that very well. Just adding a little tag with their name in a san serif type face makes this minimalistic, stylish, and perfect for any occasion. It’s the sort that can be made when it is legitimately cold out or if you’re just trying to look cool at a concert.

10) Brouwerij West - Tag Beanie

brouerij west beanie

Again, an incredibly simple beanie, but this one with a more old school character, reminiscent of Moby Dick epics and Captain Ahab adventures. The color is clutch and the texture just seems soft and comfortable, ideal for sitting out by a warm fire, toasting s’mores and cheersing friends with stouts and lagers.

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