Top 10 Craft Brewery Shirts

Brewery shirts

When it comes to beer clothing, nothing beats the t-shirt. It’s likely that places like Sierra Nevada, Boston Beer Company, or even Coors and Budweiser have been printing shirts since their breweries first opened decades ago. These days it sometimes seems as if breweries are more clothing company than craft brewery. The number of shirts that you see produced from year to year is extraordinary. I’ve walked into a brewery and thought that they needed a changing room due to the number of shirts available. On top of that, shirts seem to be made for limited edition beers, beer festivals, promotional events, or just because the marketing person was bored and felt like putting a new design onto a shirt. 

So, this will likely just be one of many roundups of our favorite craft brewery shirts, but you got to start somewhere. Enjoy for now, our top 10 favorite craft beer shirts in the country. 

1) Let's start it up with Side Project Brewing. We love this Shared shirt from these incredible brewers who have perfected so many beer styles. We love it because it is simple and it doesn't scream beer. It could just as easily be a skate shirt or a surf shirt, but you can know well in your heart that it is a beer shirt. And guess what? Beer is meant to be shared.

side project brewing


2) Next up we've got Alchemist Beer.

Alchemist is famous for very good reason. They essentially created the entire Hazy IPA trend without ever realizing what they were doing. In fact, they would write on the Heady Topper cans that it wasn't meant to be poured out as they thought people would be turned off by the turbid look. What they did know, however, is how delicious that IPA tasted. Oh, also they have dope artwork. While this shirt isn't from the classic Heady Topper design, we like it better, so we featured it here as one of our favorite craft beer shirts. It's just a fabulous drawing of a dude exploding with hops.

alchemist brewing heady topper

3) Monkish Brewing Company - Beer Hope Love

Beer. Hope. Love. Need we say more? It's a slogan that's been posted on the fermentors at Monkish Brewing Company in Southern California for as long as we can remember and it's three words that we'd love to have emblazoned across our chest. Don't you agree?

monkish brewing beer hope love


4) Trillium Brewing - Baseball Tee

The simple lines of the Trillium logo set on a simple black and white classic AF baseball tshirt is just something special. The way that every accents each other is perfect and it can be worn by either men or women which makes it that much better. Love it forever. 

trillium brewing


5) Other Half Brewing Company - Neon Green Oh Shirt

Sure, it's their initials, but how lucky is Other Half that their initials spell out Oh! The design on this shirt is sure to spark questions. "Why does it say Oh on your shirt?" "What does the OH stand for?" "Does it glow in the dark?" "Where'd you get that amazing shirt?" "Oh, you also love Other Half Brewing?" "Can I buy that shirt from you?" 

other half brewing shirt


6) Austin Beer Works - Two Headed Eagle Tee Shirt

Texas at it's finest. Austin Beer Works makes great beer and they stay true to Texas with this sick eagle tee shirt. It screams quality and it screams ridiculous because the eagle has two heads! Of course the guys that brought the 99 pack to the world are the ones who bring us the double headed eagle shirt.

austin beer works shirt


7) Green Cheek Beer - West Coast IPA is Dead

Is it not true? It's a great inside joke if nothing else. 10 years ago all that anybody could talk about was West Coast IPA. Whether it was Ruination from Stone Brewing or nearly anything from Green Flash Brewing, that is what people wanted to drink. Now Green Flash had to restructure before going completely out of business and I don't think Stone has brewed Ruination in at least 6 years. It's dead. West Coast IPA is dead. Now its just about Hazy IPA and MilkShake IPA and whatever IPA comes next. The world has gone mad. But this shirt is fantastic.


west coast ipa


8) Our Mutual Friend Brewing - Gratitude

This neighborhood brewery started from nothing and now it's on top. They won all sorts of awards at the Great American Beer Festival and has since become a staple of downtown Denver. Part of that reason for crawling from bottom to top is that they have a great spirit. They're based on mutual friends and they are focused on gratitude and respect.  On top of it all, this sick 80's design brings everything to the next level.

our mutual friend brewing gratitude


9) Weldwerks Brewing - Juicy Bits

Classic. This shirt belongs in a John Hughes movie. It would be worn by the stoner. Or maybe the jock. Or perhaps the nerd? Honestly, no clue. But it would be worn by someone who loves IPAs and Juicy Bits. Weldwerks did something fun with this shirt be it the ringer tee or the orange and yellow design. We just love it. 

weldwerks brewing juicy bits


10) Pizza Port - Vintage

We like this shirt because it is just so old school. It's like the brewery shirt that your dad would wear. Nothing about weird hazy things. No fancy design. No spin on the brewery logo. Just a photo of their old San Diego beach town location that brings nostalgic memories of salt and sand and beer and summer time. This feels like craft beer the way that it was meant to be. Simple. 


pizza port

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